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Ukrainian Machinery
The "Ukrainian Machinery" journal

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   TWICE A MONTH You can receive the "UKRAINIAN MACHINERY" journal, which has been published in electronic and printed versions in Russian since 2003. The volume of the journal is up to 70 pages of printed text, in electronic version - *.doc, *.pdf and *.html files. The journal goes to producers, buyers, traders and carriers dealing with the light industry products from Ukraine, and neighbor and foreign countries. 
   Information about events in the light industry of Ukraine takes up 1/3 of the journal, the rest is the analysis of the situation in the neighbor and foreign countries (in detail about Russia), on the world market. Subscribers to the printed version of the journal receive an electronic version in any code FREE-OF-CHARGE.
The circulation of the journal is about 2000 copies. It is distributed by subscription and is also available at the server of the Internet Securities, Inc. in the USA.
The readers of the journal are:
60% - Ukraine,
30% - other CIS-countries,
10% - foreign countries.

On Ukrainian and Russian Machinery (analytical reviews published in the Ukrainian Machinery journal)
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P.o. box 3749, Dniepropetrovsk, 49064, Ukraine
Phone-fax: +38 056 3701434, 37014345

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