Ukraine: Interpipe sales up in 2017

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Ukrainian Metal

Business World Magazine

Ukraine: Interpipe sales up in 2017

In 2017 Interpipe increased sales by 35% YoY, to 767 thousand tons.

According to the company statement, this is the best result in 3 years.

In particular, pipe deliveries to the Ukrainian market grew by 29%, to 148 thousand tons, mostly because of the gas output increase.

Combined sales in the Americas totaled 90 thousand tons, up from 43 thousand tons in 2016.

Deliveries to the CIS countries grew by 35%, to 140 thousand tons.

European customers received 136 thousand tons of pipes, up by 10%, and the Near East – 81 thousand tons, up by 17%.

Sales of railroad products (wheels, tyres and wheel sets) increased by 51%, to 172 thousand tons, with sales in CIS at 89 thousand tons, up from 55 thousand tons, and in Europe 23 thousand tons, up by 11%. (Ukrainian metal)